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DreamBook Power P95 VR

DreamDrone Pocket Sized & Foldable

DreamBook 2-in-1 Laptop/Tablet Ap1

DreamCare GPS Pet Tracker 3G/4G

DreamBook Power N87 VR

DreamBook Power N85 VR

DreamBook Ultra Slim X35

DreamBook Ultra Slim Kn1

DreamBook 2-in-1 Laptop/Tablet An2

DreamBook 2-in-1 Laptop/Tablet SPro 2

DreamBook Power N85

DreamBook Power P65 VR

DreamBook Power P64

DreamBook Style W51P




Pioneer Computers joins Australia Week in China 2016

Pioneer Computers awarded Local Government Procurement contract LGP115 IT&C Products & Services

Aussie PC maker Pioneer Computers mounts China charge with IoT - CRN March 2016

Launch of web site

Pioneer Computers at the China Hi Tech Fair 2015

Pioneer Computers @ Sourcing Taiwan 2015 TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall

Pioneer Computers @ International ICT Expo 13-16 April 2015

NSW Premier's Multicultural Economic Participation Award, 2015

Pioneer Computers achieved Top Score in TechLife testing

Pioneer Computers at the China Hi-Tech Fair 2014


Reviews & Awards


Pioneer Computers DreamVision 32" Gamining PC 7X - PC & Tech Authority July 2017

Pioneer Computers DreamVision 32-inch AIO Gaming PC 7X - APC Magazine April 2017

DreamVision 32in Curved All In One VR PC X32 - PC AND Tech Authority April 2017

DreamBook W94HW - TechLife Feb 2015

DreamBook W94 - TechLife Feb 2015

Pioneer Computers DreamBook Power P17HW - PC Authority Sept 2013

DreamBook Won IF Product Design Award 2013

Pioneer Computers DreamBook Ultra Power W11 - TechLife October 2012

Pioneer Computers DreamBook W15 TechLife October 2012

APC Editor Choice--DreamBook UltraSlim U14, June 2012