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DreamVision Interactive Whiteboard 85"

$2,114 RRP (Inc-GST)


Product Information

Interactive Whiteboard (Also called Digital Interactive Whiteboard)is a combination of edge electronic technologies, software technologies and Internet technologies .This sensitive whiteboard can detect the information of writing position, and transit the information to the connected computer, combined with the image to project into the interactive whiteboard. With the electromagnetic sensing pen the users can directly control applications from whiteboard, write, edit or annotate on the surface.


Features: -Easy-to-use
-Free Software-updating

*Hardware Feature:
1. IPBoard adopt reliable electromagnetic sensitive technology, digital orientation and unique hi-end technology.
2. The latest surface with low reflect, anti-fret, accurate focus and perfect projection effect..
3. Super big operating area with high bright, low reflect and can replace of projector curtain absolutely.
*Software Feature:
1.Unique Driver software and utility software separately. Can use thirdy party software for personal habits.
2.Three working mode: Control Mode, Drawing Mode and annotate mode.
3.More choice for colour of background.
4.Customize setup for personal habit.
Function: -Operating system: WIN98/Me /2K/XP/VISTA
*Main Functions:
-Writing Function: Brush pen, flat pen, Transparent Pen
1.Normal Pen: trim and smooth, suitable for alphabet and numerals handwriting
2.Flat Pen: Suitable for Sinkiang and Arabic characters
3.Transparent Pen: draw freely and change the transparence, suitable for annotation and highlight
4.Brush Pen: Based on the Chinese traditional handwriting features, much more suitable for Chinese characters handwriting
The Pen Width ,line style, Line Color can be adjusted according those 4 pens

* Edit Function: Edit different files, Copy, Paste, Delete, Group, lock, Layer adjusting, Pan, Scale and Rotate
*Screen Shade
*Camera Function: screen camera
*support text insert and link function
*Various image resources
Easy to use the image gallery template, and can be added according the real using situation
*Providing various writing interfaces (blackboard, whiteboard) for users to choose
*Support the function of magnifier, searchlight. Magnify some areas checked on the page and highlight the important areas
*Powerful drawing function, capable to add various Geometric Graphics drawing and color filling functions.
*Support replay function
*Customized Setting: Float toolbar button, normal drawing pen, normal insert type font of the text, default image of the screen Shade and so on
*Outer software port: users can load the normal software(handwriting recognition text, voice and video record, screen record and so on ) into the menu option, it is convenient to transfer software
*Support edit function of background page
*Capable for users to export the web page
*Add, edit, delete users
*support saving file format:: *.wmf,*.jpg,*.png,*.html and*.btx
Technical Support: *Operation System:Win98/NT/ME/2000/XP/VISTA
*Transmission Interface:RS232-USB
*Data-signaling Rate:19200 Baud rate
*Operating Principle:Electromagnetic induction
*USB Power Supply:DC 5V 100mA
*Battery for Electronic Pen:1pc AAA alkaline battery
*Working Temperature:-20 C ~ +55C
*Power Capacity:< 2W
*Warranty:5 years limited
Product Support: * Product Size (85", Ratio 4:3) 1cm:1745*1275*40 (mm)
*Active Writing Area(mm) 5mm:1600*1190
*Packing Size(cm) 2cm:186*139*12
Application: Education:
*Classroom teaching & learning :Create an interactive teach-and-learn environment delivering multimedia materials to the whole group, thus giving a stronger sense of involvement to the students and improving their understanding and knowledge retention.
*Corporate training: Deliver your presentations in a new and stimulating way which enhances the attention & understanding of the audience.
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